Pray The Memorare for Fr. Doyle

Join us in praying The Memorare for the intention of Fr. Brendan Doyle.

We ask you to pledge to say this prayer, which is one of Fr. Doyle’s favorites, three times a day.

Comment below to indicate your commitment or to send a message of support to Fr. Doyle.



147 responses

  1. Its Christmas time Fr. Doyle..and this is the time when we give thanks to God for many things. You,!!! have ‘nt been far from our Hearts and Prayers. Being a Brother Knight . and remember the many times we joined together!.Whether during events or what was. As i said its Christmas time. God bless you and remember all who love you . Are wishing you the best for the Holiday Season..Amen

  2. Want to say Happy Birthday toFr Doyle and let you know of our continued pledge of praying daily for you and the priests of the diocese.

  3. Fr. Doyle, You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Your devotion to the Lord and Mary his mother will continue to bring you strength. Please have a blessed Easter season. Steve and Julie Mueller

  4. God’s Heart, ‘Our’ Hearts, Individuals’ Hearts, Families’ Hearts, and the Students’ Hearts of Helias Catholic High School have been broken with the harsh accusation(s) of Father Brendan Doyle.

    We can see it, we can hear it, and we can deeply feel it. Not only ‘All of Us,’ but we cannot even imagine how all of the ‘Students’ at Helias must feel and continue to feel during this important time of their lives. Their spiritual, inspirational, loving, caring and understanding mentor, and the wonderful repoire which has been established and shared with Father Doyle has been pulled from under their feet . . . What a helpless and lost feeling after all of these ‘LOVING YEARS!!!’

    Dear Father Doyle, as you truly know, you are forever in our Prayers and Spiritual Thoughts, a ‘Votive Candle’ burns for you daily, ‘Novenas’ are being said, and we continue to recite the beautiful “Memorare” which you always lead with us during Mass . . . You will always be a ‘Priest’ in our minds and a forever friend. And,

    Yes, we continue to keep each and every one of our dear ‘Priests’ close in heart with prayer and spiritual devotion; we all need one another.

    Somehow, just somehow, with the Good Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Blessings, our petitions will help resolve this matter in a ‘positive manner,’ exoneration for Father Doyle!

    As always, we are ‘Thinking of You’ with many special, warm, caring, and loving thoughts and may God continue to Bless, Guide, Guard, Protect and Keep you Safe, Father Doyle!

  5. Ruth & Jerry Wilbers

    Dear Fr. Doyle

    You are in Ruth and I’s thoughts. We have always had the utmost respect for you and always enjoyed the little moments when we got to talk with you. If you are still wondering, Ruth and I are still together after almost 34 years. That’s how long its been since you married us. Hang in there and we will keep praying for you!!!!

  6. Hi Father Doyle!
    I pray for you every day. All that you have done for my family and thousands of others will be remembered and cherished, and we will stand by you no matter what! I know it is so hard for you, but knowing that your friends will be praying for you every single day will hopefully give you some comfort. Take a deep breath each time you get downhearted, and know that God is right beside you. My mama, Pauline does not do email, but she loves the visits from you–and you are forever in her prayers as well. Love and prayers always, Donna and Wayne and family

  7. Faather Doyle is such a wonderful person. We will most definitely pledge to say three Memorares each day. It is the least we can do for him after all he has done for all of us. God Bless you Father and remember good will win out over evil

  8. Fr. Doyle ~ We are with you always, and our prayers go with you..We stand united together as it will always be with our family. You , have given so much to us and others.God Bless You. .

  9. Fr. Doyle Remember all the great things, hope and joy you have govin to this community and especially the Helias School. Will gladly say the Memorare for you as it is one I recite daily now. If Rudy were here he would join me in this prayer. Daily on my mine for happiness and peace.


  10. We are praying for you and all priest of our diocese. I’m sure there has never been a Triduum more close to your walk on earth than this moment. Martyrs are Saints but not always recognizes in this lifetime. Maybe your ministry of late has become a call to wake up the laity of the Church to pray for our Priest. We are praying.

    • Steve and LeAnn, this is a very good and thoughtful comment. I also have known Fr. Doyle for several years as he was my former pastor at St. Martins. I firmly believe in his innocence and join all in praying for him each and every day! A blessed and happy Easter to Father and all of you! God bless you!!

  11. Praying for you this beautiful prayer. It is the one you tested us on for eigth grade religion class at St. Martins

  12. Steve and i are praying for you, Father. We have considered you a part of our family for more than 40 years and are willing to do whatever we can to help you get through this. God bless you!

  13. I’ll be praying. You are a wonderful holy man and lead many of us to the llight to Christ. With love i’ll be praying every day for you. Thank you for all you have done for us and for always being being there for us.

  14. We are praying for you, Fr. Doyle, every day and now the “Memorare” will be included three times a day. You are such a big part of our lives. In Nov. of 1995 you had my late husband’s funeral Mass. Then in Jan. of 1997 you married Ches and I – what wonderful memories!! They will never be forgotten!! We suppport you 100%, Fr. Doyle and we love you. Ann & Ches Kottwitz

  15. Our Prayers , for Fr. Doyle and in his goodness that he has given all parishners of our Church in the pass. he not only comforted those in needof Spiritual, but became more a friend than more could understand. Thank you Fr, Doyle !!

  16. Fr. Doyle,
    We will pray for you. You have been such a positivie influence on so many, and I know your positive influence on our young adults has been the reason that so many of them continue to be active in the church. Thank you for being there for us.
    God Bless You,
    Tim & Gaye

  17. Dear Fr. Doyle,
    You have been such an inspiration to our family for so many years and now you have been there for our boys at Helias. We appreciate all you have done! We will continue to pray for you and pledge to say the Memorare three times a day for you. I truly believe in the power of prayer!
    God Bless and Love You!

  18. I will pray for you. God bless you, and thank you for all your many years of serving the parishes, schools, and God.

    Best Wishes Always,
    Bev Ploch

  19. Dear Father Doyle, I have known you since the 4th grade and as God would have it, you were there for our 3 children in their high school years. We are so blessed to have such a good shepherd in our lives. We are greatful for you and to you. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. We will pledge 3 Memorares a day. God Bless You.
    Paul and Pam Stonner

  20. Father Doyle, we will gladly say 3 Memorares each day for you. We miss you terribly at 10:00 mass at I.C. Church. Your homilies were the best, short and to the point and easily understood by everyone.

    We know God and your many friends will help you through this trying time.

    Bill & JoAnn Wilson

  21. For you and for all of our religious leaders we will pray for guidance, strength and committment in times of tribulations.

  22. I pledge 3 Memorares a day for a year for Fr. Doyle. This good and faithful servant continues to inspire me and so many others who have been blessed by his presence sharing our celebrations and our sorrows.

  23. Father,
    Some People Come Into Our Lives And Quickly go, Some People Stay Awhile And Leave Footprints On Our Hearts, And We Are Never Quite The Same.
    You have touched three generations of our family. What a privelege to have you in our lives. Our prayers are always with you.
    Thanks for the memories!
    Mac & Mert McMichael

  24. Father Doyle,
    Thank you for your positive influence in our children’s lives and in our community. We will continue to keep you in our daily prayers. We are here for you.
    Charles and Ginny Pattyson

  25. Fr. Doyle you have been in our prayers and will continue to be in them until this issue is resolved. Stay strong and God does answer prayers.

    • Father- I pray for you every day. This is my favorite prayer too. You have always disussed the Gospel Readings in ways that make them applicable to our daily lives so that I can always remember your homilies days later.
      You are missed.

  26. For Fr. Doyle I say a special prayer
    To God above that in his tender care
    He will allow our beloved friend not to despair.
    Faith, Hope, and Love he shared for all these years.
    Now it is up to us to step forward with our prayers.
    That God will see fit to remove this cross and wipe away the tears.

  27. Thank you Fr. Doyle for your lifetime commitment to the Catholic Church. I have been and will continue to pray for you and your ministry.

  28. You would have a hard time finding a better man than Brendan. Its a shame that a mans life can be ruined with one ckick of a mouse. It seems to me that from reading posts on News and Tribune and KOMU website that people quickly forget the dedicated 50 years of service and commitment he has given us. I say “let the man (or woman) without sin cast the first stone. I pray that this is all over with soon, we know he is going thru hell with it. I am praying daily.

  29. Herb & Alma Sturm
    We have known Fr. Brendan Doyle since the late 50’s. From day one he was a wonderful friend and priest. We have such a deep respect for him and his faith and for all he has done for us and so many others. He’s a treasure to our family and we will gladly say three Memorares on his behalf for as long as it takes to get this problem corrected. There is no better man walking the face of the earth today. God Bless you Fr. Doyle. We love you.

  30. Fr. Doyle, We are taping a copy of the prayer to our mirrors to remember…Our family will pray three a day! Keep the faith.

  31. I have been praying every day and will continue to do so. I know the Memorare was a favorite prayer of yours. We appreciate all you have done and are behind you now.

  32. I would like to emphasize this website is for prayers for Fr Doyle and all affected –
    priests ,parishioners,students ,church leaders and anyone affected by these actions.
    We all have a lot of opinions on several subjects but please remember this site is for prayers. God Bless.

  33. Will keep you in my prayers. Your burden, like Jesus’, will be rewarded. My family and I remember you fondly and enjoyed your service to our Wardsvile parish and your ministry to our children.

  34. Fr. Brendan, you were the one of the few priests that our children were able to meet, talk and get to know on a level beyond the pulpit. Your influence was so obvious – the kids would just crowd around you at the soccer games like bee’s to honey – you connected with them on level that was a true blessing to them and their families.
    While living in the Jeff City area, we questioned many of the policies of the Diocese. We never felt they had a pulse on our youth-they were living with their heads in the sand. Their recent actions concerning you just re confirms our opinions.
    May this website help you carry the cross you have been given – your are trully loved by so many.

  35. Prayers for you, Fr. Doyle. You’re a wonderful person whom has done a terrific service in the community over and over. You will always be respected and held in high standards.
    Kay Rackers Scott

  36. Our family will continue to support Father Doyle through pray. He iwas the first priest we got to know when we moved to the JC area and was wonderful to our family.

  37. Fr. Doyle, you are in our prayers and will include 3 Memorares especially for you. You will not be left unaided. May the Lord give you the strength to get through this. We are with you.

  38. Thanks for your wonderful ministry at HCHS. I know the kids love and miss you. As a parent, it doesn’t feel the same without you there greeting everyone in the hallways. Continuing to pray for you.

  39. Can never thank you enough Fr. Doyle for all you have done for all the many people’s lives you have touched-especially my son and all the racket ball games you had with him! May God bless you always and forever! I will pray!

  40. I will definately do this for Fr. Doyle. He is such a great person. I had him as a teacher at St. Stan and Helias. He was such a great mentor to me growing up. Thanks Fr. Doyle. We’ve got your back!

  41. We pledge to say 3 Memorares a day for Fr. Doyle. God bless you father and thank you for your service to Helias and the diocese. Our children were positively affected by your presence in their lives.

  42. The official church has severly over reacted in this situation. A good man, a good priest, has lost his ministry and that is a shame. What happened to common sense? What happened to forgiveness and reconciliation?

  43. The Memorae is my favorite prayer, which I pray daily. But I’ll include three more for you,. I firmly believe that you have been misjudged by the Diocesan Board, and pray that they realize what we and Helias students are losing. We will miss experiencing your incredible faith, spirit, and service to our parish and Diocese. Please continue to pray for our family as we pray for you.

  44. Father, as always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Your inspiration and guidance has made us better people. Father, thanks for everything you are truly a great friend to our family.

  45. Father Doyle,
    Thank you for being a great mentor to all three of our children while they were at Helias! Thank you for all you have done in the past for St. Andrews! We will definately pray for you and all of our priests!!!!!

  46. Thank you, Fr. Doyle, for the amazing spiritual leader you have been to so many adults and teenagers over the years. I greatly appreciate your friendship to my grandparents, Marcellus and Pauline Markway. Praying for you from Jacksonville, Florida!

  47. We have been praying for you and will continue to say your favorite prayer, “The Memorare” 3x daily for you and all priest of the diocese. Our full support and love go out to you and we thank you for all the support and friendship you have given our family through the years. We are here for you.

  48. Fr. Doyle! An absolute positive influence on all that have been around you during your life of service… and we’ll continue to be here to offer the support you deserve! Godspeed!

  49. Thank you Fr. Doyle for all you have done for our family. We love you and miss you. We will keep you in our prayers daily.

  50. We will continue to pray daily for our dear friend, Father Doyle. We are appreciative of everything that Father Doyle has done for our family and our community. He is a wonderful, caring person and we love him

  51. In honor of a man who so selflessly served our community with unconditional love and compassion, I sincerely pledge to lift up our Dear Father Doyle daily in prayer. “In His Peace” (John 16:33)

  52. We have and will continue to pray for Fr. Doyle, that the Lord will give him the strength he needs to forge ahead. We support him 100% and will do anything we can for him. He has always been there for our family; he has done so much for so many! Fr. Doyle has served many parishes in the Jefferson City Diocese, and it’s obvious wherever he goes…the thriving success of those parishes. We pledge to pray the Memorare three times a day…and so much more.

  53. Father Doyle, you are in my prayers. Not only a great priest at St. Stanislaus and teacher at Helias but a true role model for me and our Catholic community.

  54. We will be happy to pray the Memorare for Fr. Doyle and all the priests of the diocese. We thank Fr. Doyle for all he has done for this diocese.

  55. Praying for you Fr. Doyle! Thank you for all you’ve done for our families and the community, especially the Helias community. I hope you can feel the support from those you’ve blessed.

  56. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for everything you’ve done for our family. You’ve been there for us through the good and bad, now it’s our turn to be there for you. Just know that we will continue to send our love, support, and prayers!

  57. We believe in you! The diocese doesn’t know yet what they will be missing. Thanks for being such a great priest and friend to the Reinsch family. We love you!

  58. Father Doyle, you have been and are a very dear friend of ours for many years. We will pray the Memorare 3 times a day among other prayers. For all your loving years of service to the priesthood, you deserve to be treated better than what you are being treated now. We love you, Jerome and Rosie Reinsch.

  59. We will continue to pray for you Fr. Doyle. Stay strong! We believe in you. You have done so much for so many. We love you!!

  60. I will join others in praying the Memorare for Fr. Doyle. He has been an inspiration to many. Our family’s support is with you, Fr. Doyle.

  61. I pledge to pray the Memorare three times a day for a year for Fr. Brendan Doyle. I will always appreciate your guidance through Helias and beyond!

  62. We are praying daily the Memorare for Fr. Doyle. I pray for a deeper respect for all of our priests, and that they are feeling the support of those that love them like family.

  63. You can count me in on this venture. He is a priest/friend to so many of us. Fr. B. definitely deserves our support. Prayers and faith will get him and all of us through these trying times.

  64. I pledge 3 Memorares a day for Fr. Doyle and all the priests of jc diocese. Fr Doyle thank you for your many years of dedication and service to thediocese and most especially for being such a dear friend to my grandfather Leon.

  65. I will pledge to say the Memorare 3 times daily for Fr. Doyle and all the priests in our diocese who are struggling at this time. Fr. Doyle, we appreciate all you have done for our family and many other families in the Helias community.

  66. To our dear friend Fr Doyle, we pledge to support you in any way we can but to also pray the Memorare 3 times daily. We can not begin to thank you for all the support you have given our family thru the years and what a dear friend you were to my parents. To all the other outstanding priests of the Jefferson City diocese, we also support you in your ministry.

  67. I will pledge to pray the Memorare 3 times a day for a year for Fr.Doyle and for all the priests in the JC diocese who are in need of our prayers. Fr. Doyle is a wonderful man and an awsome priest. He has had our support all along and will continue to have forever.

  68. We will all commit to pray the Memorare three times a day for a year for Fr. Brendan Doyle and all priests of the Jefferson City Diocese. We want to thank Fr Doyle for everything he has done for our Dad / Leon. We will do anything we can to support you!

  69. We pledge to pray the Memorare 3 times a day for a year for Father Doyle and for all the priests in the JC diocese who are in need of our Prayers. I only wish that my children would have had the chance to have had him at Helias.

  70. I pledge 3 Memorares a day for a year for Fr. Doyle and all the priests of the Jefferson City diocese who are hurting and need our support.

  71. We pledge to pray the Memorare three times a day for a year for Fr. Brendan Doyle. We support you Father and are willing to help you in any way we can. Afterall, we consider you a member of the family.

  72. Mark and I are in on this one….sending our prayers along with many others. Thanks to you padre, we are married now. We also wish to express our gratitude for your guidance and support of our children during their time at Helias. Mary Beth

  73. I Pledge to say 3 Memorares everyday for a year for Father Doyle and all the outstanding Priests in the Jefferson City Diocese. I also love Father Doyle for his passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the Catholic Faith and Schooling. God Bless!

  74. We both pledge to say 3 Memorares per day for a year for our dear friend Fr Doyle
    and all the priests of the diocese who are struggling at this time. We love Fr Doyle’s commitment to all over the last several years especially his caring for his dear friend and my father Leon.

  75. i am pledging 3 Memorares each day for a year for Fr Doyle and all priests of the Jefferson City MO Diocese who need our support and are hurting. You are all in my thougthts and prayers

  76. I pledge 3 Memorares a day for a year for Fr. Doyle and all the priests of the Jefferson City diocese who are hurting and need our support.

      • Dear Fr. Doyle,
        Your ministry, beginning with the baptism of our John Paul 33 years ago, has been one of faithfulness and dedication to God’s people. We will continue our prayers for your exoneration from a deed we know in our hearts, you did not do.
        God bless you,
        Mike & Loretta

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